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The heating required in various applications changes significantly during the day/night due to the ambient temperature and changing occupancy levels.

This situation is compounded by the different requirements of the various rooms and opening or closing of the various circuit branches in complex

installations. Electronically controlled wet rotor pumps constantly ensure, in almost all correctly sized installations, sufficient power and, simultaneously,

lower noise emissions, greater comfort and a significant reduction in running costs.


Unlike conventional electronic pumps, EVOPLUS electronic circulators can also be used in air conditioning systems where the temperature of the liquid

pumped is lower than the ambient temperature. In these conditions condensate tends to form on the outer surface of the circulator although this does

not impair proper operation of either the electronic or mechanical sections. The unit is designed and sized in such a way as to allow the condensate to

drain without damaging the construction components.


The SAN version pump with bronze body has been developed specifically for the circulation of secondary hot water. The constant temperature operating

mode controls the water temperature in the circulation pipe without needing to use thermostatic valves, thus maintaining required water temperature

for user.

compliant with the european directive

ErP 2009/125/EC (ex EuP)







EVOPLUS electronic circulators can be used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for residential and commercial buildings including:

-Large residential buildings – Condominiums and apartment blocks – Homes

-Clinics and Hospitals – Schools – Office buildings

-Real Estate Assets

All models are available in both the single and twin version.

Made with bronze pump body for secondary hot water circulation. Available in single version with 1 1/2” threaded connection as well as DN 32 and DN

40 flanged connection.

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